Regret always comes late..

Diary – 21/11/2013

Regret always comes late.. I learned that tonight, again.. I have no one else to blame but myself. Realizing how tired & hurt my boyfriend has become, I’m cursing myself for being such an ignorant paranoid fool. He’s right, we’re incompatible.. we keep on circling the same cycle everytime we make up again. I should let him go,and I’m sure that’s what he’s so sure about now.
But when we meet again, we can’t deny our feelings… Oh God.. help us both to face what lies in the future..
He made me promise him,that no matter how hard I’ll fall, I will always have to rise again, get up again, if I fall again, get up again, Never give up.
God.. help me to keep this promise.
God.. help me to be alive.. and enjoy all Your gifts.. and be the cheerful me again..
God.. help me to kill away all the terrible imaginations, all the voices in my head to drown me in negative thoughts again..
Help me, Lord…
Help us both…


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