Al Bhed’s twisted language

こんにちは.. お元気ですか? 

Btw, remember about my plan on my last blog-post? about me planning on doing cosplay as Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 …   well, right after I got that idea,a crazy friend of mine told me that I should be able to speak Al-Bhed as well when I’m doing that cosplay,hahaha… at first,I was like,  “whoaat?? how in the heck am I gonna learn that..twisted language??” but, know me.. a little ticklish idea of studying new language IS really tempting for me,so.. yeah.. I ended up googling & googling & googling about that language,hahaha.. 

It turned out that this Al-bhed is not really too random after all,it got some patterns that I can learn (of course! that’s a language that was exclusively designed for a game! of course it’s (quite) real language :p ) & thank God, the basis-translating method is based on English language.  Here’s what I mean :

From English to Al Bhed:

  • A = Y                       B = P                       C = L                    D = T
  • E = A                        F = V                      G = K                   H = R
  • I = E                          J = Z                       K = G                   L = M
  • M = S                        N = H                     O = U                    P = B
  • Q = X                        R = N                      S = C                     T = D
  • U = I                         V = J                      W = F                    X = Q
  • Y = O                        Z = W

So, just use that rule, then.. voila, you can convert any English words / phrases into Al-Bhed language. For example:

1. English : “My favorite fruit is melon” — become — Al Bhed : “so vyjuneda vnied ec samuh”. Or ..

2. Al Bhed: “Fryd yna oui cyoehk?”  — become — English: “What are you saying?”

Hahaha,I’m sure for any of you who haven’t played the Final Fantasy X or X-2, you’ll read as one WEIRD phrase, well.. believe me, ask us who have played that game, we’ll say “Yeah, it IS weird, but we (nerds) like it..”  

Here’s just a quote I got somewhere from the Google world :

“that is  a “language” created for a video game that big nerds like to use. ”   see how there’s a word “big” before the “nerds”..? so,if you say you’re a nerd,but you don’t like learning new twisted-pointless-freaky language from games / movies/etc , then your nerdiness is not “big” enough, wkwkwkwkwk…  

But if you’re asking me how do you translate other languages (other than English) into Al Bhed, then.. umm.. ごめんなさい [gomennasai], I’m sorry, I don’t know how.. maybe some of you know how can give us a little help/hint..?


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