just a crazy idea : Cosplay as Yuna ?!?

Hi there,folks.. how you all been doing? how many years has it been since the last time I posted something here? hahaha.. oh life, surely you’ve made my days seemed gone by unstoppably, lots of issues in my head. Some major doubts in my belief (well, at least I thought it was my belief,but then I realize, how can I say “my belief” when I don’t & can’t even believe in it?) , some dragging on the working-life, but I guess life is not always about bad things that we complain, cause I found Love these days.. this Love, came to me out of nowhere, out of prediction, from the one I was so surely will not be commiting to be in a relationship with.. but somehow, this Love came to me, unconditionally.. and I can never thank God enough for this..

Left : Yuna FFX-2 the Gunner.  Right : Yuna FFX the Summoner.

Left : Yuna FFX-2 the Gunner. Right : Yuna FFX the Summoner.

Btw! I got a crazy idea these lately (since the day I visit another GJUI, actually :P) that I wanna do some serious cosplay! that has to be a character from a famous game / anime.. so commonly people would notice the character instantly.. so then I began to choose, my first choices are on all Final Fantasy girls, like Rinoa, Yuna, Quistis, Tifa, Rikku, etc. Then I choose Yuna, but I wasn’t sure if it’ll be Yuna from FFX or FFX-2.

Yuna the Gunner, from FFX-2

Yuna the Gunner, from FFX-2

so.. after some considerations in my head (plus a very encouraging lover :3) , I decided I’ll do the FFX-2 version, Yuna the Gunner..!!!!
the costume is much.. more.. daring than the other Yuna ๐Ÿ˜› that’ll take a lot of confidence in me to pull that cosplay off perfectly when the costume is done.. (plus some serious weight-loss program, hahahaha…) Well, let’s just see how this crazy idea will turned out.. Or maybe I should just try to cosplay as Lara Croft first??


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