Workshop & Refreshing with IT team ^o^ #day1

Hey y’all..!! Howdy..!! Konnichiwa..!! Piye kabar’e..? hehehe..

2010 has passed,it’s 2011 now!!! so let me say this greeting to you all..

it says, “Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu” which means “Happy New Year”

May all of you have a very pleasant holiday..!!

As for me, I just had a very joyful experience, along with the whole IT people at my office, last monday (20/12/2010) to wednesday (22/12/2010). a Training & workshop for IT people development..

the Cheerfull IT Team

the Cheerfull IT Team

It was so much fun!! & not just fun.. We learned something that’s new to us, IT people esp. coz all we deal on our daily work is technical & technical stuff.. But now, we were trained to understand more of the personal.. on how to make ourselves developed in a more sophisticated & directed way.. we learned how to teach ourself on how to become a better person, in every aspects, both our own advantages & disadvantages..

Such matter that we, IT people, are rarely focused on.. Hehehe..

Maybe I’ll post the training material later, then we’ll try to get to know ourselves even better..

Like the trainer, Mr. Marihot said, “The best way to make developments as the way we wanted, is to get to know yourself first.. Lots of people want to change everything but themselves, but they don’t really know who they really are.. So, get to know yourself first!! that’s the start of every improvement & developments you wish to accomplish!!” Great trainer that mr.Marihot is.. Thumbs up for ya!!!

On the first day we arrived there on 10.30 am, so Coooolllldd..!!! & lots of fogs on our way up.. & right after we check in to the villa, immediately we set up the meeting room for our first agenda, “Book-surgery”.. hmm.. kok jd aneh ya.. hahaha, mksdnya “Bedah buku”.. a book with the title “The Wikipedia Revolution”.

Book Surgery - Bedah Buku

We split up the chapters, & each of us need to make a summary of the chapter of our own parts, & show it to others by presentation.
After all the suffering of holding the hunger throughout the surgery,

finally it’s lunch time!!!

1st Lunch.. Lapaaarr.. XD

Loads of food were served, hmm…

Yummy-yummy-Yummmy.. Hungry-hungry-hungry..

after we went full, we continued the surgery *with such heavy-eye-lids that keep pushing us to sleep.. sleep.. zzz~* wkwkwk..

After we finished the book surgery, we continued the meeting with discussing the IT Blue-prints.

Designing the Blueprint

So many aspects of IT specialties that we need to re-discover the level of improvements we need to take for the year 2011 – 2015.. it’s more like an Inventarization notes of every services & products we have for the company, & discuss the best & most probable improvement we can take.. *time to get serious here*

formulizing the currents, targets, aspects

it was already late at night when we finished.. got really tired, we rest up for the next *bigger* day of training!! Oyasuminasai.. ^^
#To be continue.. on the #day2


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