Nihon-go (Japanese Language) Basic#1

Hey ALL.. any of you who might get redirected to this page, or just got lost in wwww (whole wild web world) & found this unknown & unimportant blog of mine here..??

Sit back, & relax.. Enjoy these basic lessons I can give you about Japanese language.. For this time, I can only give you the basics, maybe some other day I’ll post more & more advanced lessons about nihon-go (Nihon-go = japanese language; nihon = Japan, -go = language)

At first, what shall I give you.. Hmm..
Ah yes,maybe some of the basic greetings on the daily life in Japan, how’s that,huh? Ok then, Here it goes..

1. Good Morning = お早うございます / おはようございます [ohayou gozaimasu] : o-ha-yo-go-zai-mas.
Or, in the short/casual term = お早う / おはよう [ohayou] : o-ha-yo.

2. Good Afternoon = 今日は / こんにちは [konnichiha] : kon-ni-ci-wa.

3. How are you? = お元気ですか? [ogenki desuka?] : o-geng-ki-des-ka?.

4. Good Evening = 今晩は / こんばんは [konbanha] : kom-ban-wa.

5. Good Night (usually used before people getting sleep,not for opening greeting) = お休みなさい / おやすみなさい [oyasuminasai] : o-ya-su-mi-na-sai.
Or, in the short/casual term = おやすみ [oyasumi] : o-ya-su-mi.

6. Thank you = ありがとうございます [arigatou gozaimasu] : a-ri-ga-to-go-za-i-mas.
Or, in more polite term (thank you very much) = どうもありがとうございます [doumo arigatou gozaimasu] : do-mo-a-ri-ga-to-go-zai-mas.
Or, in the short/casual term = ありがとう [arigatou] : a-ri-ga-to, Or just どうも [doumo] : do-mo.

7. You’re welcome (polite answer of ‘thank you’) = どういたしまして [douitashimashite] : do-i-ta-shi-mas-te.

8. Excuse me / pardon me = すみません [sumimasen] : su-mi-ma-seng.

9. I’m sorry (asking for forgiveness) = ごめんなさい [gomennasai] : go-men-na-sai.
Or, in the short/casual term (just ‘sorry’) = ごめん [gomen] : go-men.
Or, in more polite term (I’m very sorry) = もうしをわけございません [moushi o wake gozaimasen] : mo-shi-o-wa-ke-go-zai-ma-seng.

10. It’s ok / it’s alright = 大丈夫です / だいじょうぶです [daijoubu desu] : dai-jo-bu-des.
Or, in the short/casual term, remove “desu”, so just 大丈夫 / だいじょうぶ [daijoubu] : dai-jo-bu.

11. Yes = はい [hai] : hai’. No = いいえ [iie] : i-ye’.

There.. just a very very & totally basic & common greetings in nihon-go..
Oh my, look at the time! it’s 6:09 PM on my PC’s clock! time to go home.. no overtime for tonight,’coz I already have another work waiting for me at my laptop..
If you have any questions, or request on what japanese language you want to know & learn, don’t forget to leave comments, okay..?

so.. See y’all later.. I’m coming home now..

また会いましょう.. [mata aimashou] : ma-ta-ai-ma-syo. (See you later.. / Until we meet again..)

-白い花 Shiroi Hana –


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