Back on the work again :D

Alhamdulillah.. Thank God I got a job again, as a programmer again.. ^_^

actually, I was intended to search for a job as a translator.. but somehow this ‘programmer’ tag in me keeps on winning, hahaha..

any way, there’s not much that I’ll write now. Just a simple notice (to anyone who accidently directed to this blog,hahaha) that I’m starting to chase one of my dreams in life again.. ^o^

Ganbatte, minna-san!! especially you, my twin! ;))

Have a lovely & full-spirited day!! \(^o^)/


my Unbelievable twin ^_^

*Lene marlin’s song “what if” were played on my laptop’s headset*

Hmm..why do I name this post as “my unbelievable twin” ? it’s because IT IS about my unrelated-but-totally-unbelievably-connected-twin, hehehe.. sounds kinda too much? well believe me, even I always get surprised & shocked myself with each & every single thing that we had in common..

I promised him that I WILL write something about him in my blog.. why? because he’s… I don’t know.. he’s too special to be missed? ;p

That, & of course, I wanna share to anyone who reads my blog about this person, who… umm.. (how should I describe this..) well let’s just say, he always takes my breath away.. XD (in the way of making me laughs, being hillarious for me, always making me happy, and aaaaallllllll other sincere things that he’s done for me.. (So lucky to have you as my twin, S.. ^_^)

The first time I’ve ever met him it was in my old office. He came to apply as the new animator there.. he is my friend’s friend, we even went to the same college. But I wonder, hmm.. I never seen this guy before.. maybe because he went to a different major,I’m not familiar with him. Frist impression for him was “wew.. what a coding-face.. so programmer-look..” :p

but my friend said that he’s an animator, he loves to draw mangas. (Oh.. so that’s it.. he’s a total manga-face.. :p) to be honest,at that time, I didn’t really feel anything special.. but somehow,he felt it. from the first moment he laid his eyes on me. (Really..??!? sometimes I still couldn’t believe how strong your hinch at that time.. hehehe) see? there goes the first point of “unbelievable things” between me & him.

At that time, he actually already got a job on another office, more sophisticated office than this. but he.. he chose to stay at the same office with me.. I asked him why? he said, he just wanted to see me everyday, eventhough at that time we were never spoken to each other, just by a glimpse over a look, & there he was.. stay to be able to see me everyday.. (Again.. I’m shocked.. happy shocked.. =>_<=)

My mouth went open wide when he told me that.  (WHAT?!? you just accept to work in here, so that you can see me everyday? but why? we weren’t even introduce ourselves yet, I mean, we’re not even look into each other. but then again I remember, that he told me when the first day he ever saw me working in there, he actually looking at me… X”) (ok, now you really made me blushed!!!) he said, “you didn’t realize that I was looking at you, right?!? you didn’t even notice, did you? hihihi.. nyuahahaha.. XD” oh my God.. this guy really gives me the happy-shock-therapy + blushed cheeks =>_<=

oh my.. look at the time.. it’s time for me to sleep now.. :p  :p  :p

I’ll continue this post soon.. Coz it is FAR from finish..  ;D

even so, I wish & hope that this story will never have an ending.. >__<

coz, love story isn’t about a happy ending, right? coz it will simply never ends, right…? ^__^

Night everyone..  -xoxo shiroihana-


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