“To Love”.. or “Being Loved”..

to choose between
“To Love”.. or “Being Loved”..

Being loved..
is not always a beautiful thing..
especially when you’re being loved by someone who you wouldn’t want to love back..
‘coz you’ll be in the crisis between “just sorry” or “just simpathy”
& you’ll be confused to choose between being an “ignorer” or a “dumper”
the feeling of not wanting to be a bad person, can really drives you nuts..

EXCEPT of course, when you’re being loved by someone you love too..
you’ll feel like your life has complete..
& you wouldn’t wanting anything else for more..

To Love..
I prefer this one..
I prefer to love someone special for me..
so I can show ..
how I really admire him..  by telling all the compliments he deserves..
how I really like him..  by showing the nicest smiles I can give to him everyday..
how I care about him..  by giving him attentions more than to anyone else..
how I really really care about him..
by hoping that he’ll feel entertained, not alone, & feel better about himself..

‘coz for me, being able to see his smiles everyday..
makes me feel like I’m more than just being alive..
every single day.. ^-^


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